• This card is a useful Spell/Trap Card stopper as it doesn't need specific activation conditions (except your opponent having a card(s) in their Deck), so this advantage can often outweigh the disadvantage of letting the opponent draw a card, although this can also be dangerous at times.
  • This card is a great addition to any "Counter Fairy Deck", as it can be used in combination with a lot of their monsters. If used to trigger the effect of "Bountiful Artemis", it will balance the card exchange: You lose this card, but draw 1 card due to "Bountiful Artemis", while your opponent loses 1 card, and draws 1 card due to this card, resulting in an even exchange.
  • After activation of this card, you can chain with "Drastic Drop Off" to negate their Spell/Trap Card without giving your opponent any advantage.
  • This card can help to temporarily stall an "Infernity" deck, as most "Infernity" cards rely on having no cards in the hand.
  • Use in a "Greed" themed deck to deal your opponent an extra 500 points of damage while negating one of their Spell/Trap Cards.
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