• This card is a principal component in many useful combos which revolve around combinations of itself, "D/D Lamia", and "D/D Swirl Slime" to successively summon a number of potent "D/D/D" Extra Deck monsters in a single turn. The most significant combos are explained here.
  • Because this card requires you to use it as a Fusion Material, it cannot Fusion Summon "D/D/D" monsters that require two "D/D/D" monsters as material.

Traditional Format


  • "D/D/D" Fusion Monsters that can be Fusion Summoned using this card as Fusion Material via its own effect:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEFMaterials
D/D/D Dragonbane King BeowulfDDD剋竜王ベオウルフDARKFiend8300025001 "D/D/D" monster + 1 "D/D" monster
D/D/D Flame High King GenghisDDD烈火大王エグゼクティブ・テムジンFIREFiend8280024001 Level 5 or higher "D/D" monster + 1 "D/D" monster
D/D/D Flame King GenghisDDD烈火王テムジンFIREFiend6200015002 "D/D" monsters
D/D/D Oracle King d'ArcDDD神託王ダルクDARKFiend7280020002 "D/D" monsters
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