• Use this card with "Clear World" to prevent your opponent from attacking.
  • This card can be used to quickly summon your own "Cyber Dragon" to the field since he switches to your opponent.
  • Use this card against an opponent setting up for a Graveyard summon or the use of a dark counterpart card, such as "Dark Armed Dragon".
  • Use "Mask of Restrict" to make it harder for opponent to get "D.D. Guide" off the field.
  • Use "By Order of the Emperor" to negate the control shift. This will allow you to banish cards from your own graveyard, and draw a card.
  • Using "Kaiser Colosseum" and "Mask of Restrict" in addition to this card can lead to a lock which banish most of your opponent's graveyard. When you feel enough has been banished, simply destroy him.

Traditional Format

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