• Use this with "Power Bond" and "Des Wombat" to get a 5600 ATK monster that can attack twice per turn, with no damage from "Power Bond" at the end of the turn.
    • Or "Rainbow Life" could be used instead and GAIN Life Points due to the effect of "Power Bond", at the cost of one card from your hand.
  • This card can OTK by itself with the use of "Limiter Removal", as both attacks will have the increase.
  • As a direct attacker, "Cyber Twin Dragon" actually does more damage than "Cyber End Dragon".
  • Attack a monster, use "Honest", then another monster can be taken down, or attack directly for massive damage.
  • There's even another practical way to Special Summon "Cyber Twin Dragon", using "Proto-Cyber Dragon" and "The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion". Ideally first Special Summon either of them using "Shining Angel", then Normal Summon the other one the turn after to Special Summon "Cyber Twin Dragon".
    • Special Summon "Cyber Dragon" by its effect, then Normal Summon "The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion" to Special Summon "Cyber Twin Dragon" with the effect of "The Light".

Traditional Only

  • There is a practical way to Special Summon "Cyber Twin Dragon". Activate "Trade-In" to draw 2 cards by discarding a Level 8 Normal Monster, then activate "Silent Doom" to Special Summon the monster that was discarded, and activate "Metamorphosis" in order to Special Summon "Cyber Twin Dragon".
    • An alternate option is Summoning "Beast King Barbaros" without Tribute for "Metamorphosis" to Summon "Cyber Twin Dragon".
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