This card can be quite a powerhouse, but to use his effect correctly, wait until the Damage Step to chain Limiter Removal, so your opponent can't do much to stop it. This card is usally Special Summoned via Cyber-Stein, (only in Traditional Format as the card was banned) and usually only if the enemy has a face-down Defense Position monnster. In Advanced Format, Future Fusion or Power Bond are usually used instead. Most of the time, it's brother, Cyber Twin Dragon will be Special Summoned by Cyber-Stein instead, since it can inflict more Battle Damage if it can go for a Direct Attack.

For a OTK, set Micro Ray on the field and a Mystical Space Typhoon to protect it when your opponent summons a Defense Position monster. Use Power Bond (optional) and Fusion Summon this card. Then use Micro Ray to lower that monster's Defense to zero (you can use Block Attack to get that card into Defense Mode). Play Limiter Removal if you didn't play Power Bond, then play some cards that clears your opponent's M/T cards off the field and attack the (now zero) Defense Position monster and do a full 8000 points of damage.

Another strategy could be this, you just need the Cyber Dragons, Cyber End Dragon and these other cards:

Use Future Fusion to get Cyber End Dragon, wait the turn (this is risky, so you may want to use something like Judgement Of Anubis) and get Cyber End Dragon, then clear the field with Heavy Storm and Lightning Vortex, both optional as said before, then use De-Fusion to get the Cyber Dragons, fuse them with Power Bond, and attack (Use Limiter Removal if you want, but you can get surprised by a Kuriboh)!

Or a more simple strategy, Use Ring of Destruction and Barrel Behind the Door to make a cheap but fast OTK.

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