• "Proto-Cyber Dragon", "Cyber Dragon Zwei", "Cyber Dragon Core" or "Cyber Dragon Drei" can be banished instead of the original "Cyber Dragon" to allow this card to gain ATK.
    • Note that the above cards are only treated as "Cyber Dragon" while on the field or Graveyard. To use this effect, the substitute "Cyber Dragons" must be face-up on the field. Only the printed "Cyber Dragon" can be used for this effect from the hand.
  • Banish "Cyber Dragon Drei" with this card effect. Not only can this card's ATK increased, one of your "Cyber Dragon" that was Special Summoned by this card effect can be protected from being destroyed.
  • An OTK can be performed by activating this card's effect to give it a 2100 ATK boost and moreover doubling it with "Limiter Removal" to a total of 8400 damage.
  • Use this card's effect to Special Summon a "Cyber Dragon", then Normal Summon "Heraldic Beast Basilisk" and switch the control of it by using "Creature Swap". Then, attack "Basilisk" with this card and after this card be destroyed by its effect, Special Summon "Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine" or "Cyber Twin Dragon" and attack with it. Without counting with the opponent's monster switched, this combo can deal a total of:
    • 15300 damage, if the Fusion Monster was "Barbaroid":
      • 3200 (this card with a 2100 ATK boost attacking "Basilisk") + 4000x2 (assuming that the opponent's monsters have 0 ATK and are in Attack Position, once "Barbaroid" can't attack directly) + 2 x 1000 (the effect of "Barbaroid") + 2100;
    • 11900, if the chosen Fusion Monster was "Cyber Twin Dragon" and your opponent controlled no other monster, besides the one that was switched.
    • 30600 or 23800 if "Limiter Removal" is used.
  • "Inferno Reckless Summon" can be used when you Special Summon "Proto-Cyber Dragon" or "Cyber Dragon Core" to Special Summon three copies of the original "Cyber Dragon", then use two of the "Cyber Dragons" to Xyz Summon this card. This allows this card's effect of gaining ATK to be used by banishing "Proto-Cyber"/"Core" on the same turn.
  • This card's name is not considered to have the same name as "Cyber Dragon", so if "Evolution Burst" is used in combination with a card who does have that effect. Use it to Xyz Summon this card, then this card can still attack.
  • "Level Lifter" is a good way to get this card out quickly is to discard a Level 5 monster to make both your Machine-Type monsters Level 5 to Xyz Summon this card.
    • Even better, in a well-made Machine-Type/"Cyber Dragon" Deck, this monster can be Summoned in 1 turn, and activate its effect, using "Level Lifter". Normal Summon "Tin Goldfish", then use its effect to Summon any Level 4 Machine-Type monster. Use "Level Lifter" to discard "Cyber Dragon" and target the Machine-Type monsters that was just Summoned. Now use those two monsters to bring this monster out, and use its effect right away to bring back your discarded "Cyber Dragon".


  • Level 5 Machine-Type monsters.
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
Accel Synchronアクセル・シンクロンSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Tuner monsterDARK5002100
Ally MindA・マインドNormal MonsterTuner monsterDARK18001400
Ally of Justice CatastorA・O・J カタストルSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Ally of Justice Omni-WeaponA・O・J リーサル・ウェポンEffect MonsterDARK2200800
Ally of Justice RudraA・O・J ルドラEffect MonsterDARK19001200
Ancient Gear Engineer古代の機械工兵Effect MonsterEARTH15001500
Ancient Toolアイアン・ハートNormal MonsterDARK17001400
B.E.S. Crystal Core巨大戦艦 クリスタル・コアEffect MonsterWATER21001000
Cannon Soldier MK-2メガキャノン・ソルジャーEffect MonsterEARTH19001200
Chimeratech Rampage Dragonキメラテック・ランページ・ドラゴンFusion Monster
Effect Monster
... further results (63 more)
  • Machine-Type Fusion Monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Ancient Gear Howitzer古代の機械魔神EARTH810001800
Ancient Gear Megaton Golem古代の機械超巨人EARTH933003300
Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine極戦機王ヴァルバロイドEARTH1240004000
Chimeratech Rampage Dragonキメラテック・ランページ・ドラゴンDARK521001600
Cyber End Dragonサイバー・エンド・ドラゴンLIGHT1040002800
Cyber Eternity Dragonサイバー・エタニティ・ドラゴンLIGHT1028004000
Cyber Ogre 2サイバー・オーガ・2EARTH726001900
Cyber Saurusメカ・ザウルスEARTH518001400
Cyber Twin Dragonサイバー・ツイン・ドラゴンLIGHT828002100
Gatling Dragonガトリング・ドラゴンDARK826001200
Ignition Beast Volcannon起爆獣ヴァルカノンEARTH623001600
Invoked Mechaba召喚獣メルカバーLIGHT925002100
Labyrinth Tank迷宮の魔戦車DARK724002400
Metal Dragonメタル・ドラゴンWIND618501700
Pair CycroidペアサイクロイドEARTH516001200
Panzer Dragon重装機甲 パンツァードラゴンLIGHT510002600
Steam GyroidスチームジャイロイドEARTH622001600
Super Roboladyレアメタル・ヴァルキリーEARTH61200500
Super Roboyarouレアメタル・ナイトEARTH61200500
Super Vehicroid - Mobile Baseスーパービークロイド-モビルベースEARTH1005000
Super Vehicroid - Stealth Unionスーパービークロイド-ステルス・ユニオンEARTH936003000
Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drillスーパービークロイド-ジャンボドリルEARTH830002000
UFOroid Fighterユーフォロイド・ファイターLIGHT10??
VW-Tiger CatapultVW-タイガー・カタパルトLIGHT620002100
VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult CannonVWXYZ-ドラゴン・カタパルトキャノンLIGHT830002800
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