• This card is generally considered to be the trump card of Crystal Beasts. If you manage to use this card, you can make an OTK since you can have up to 5 Crystal Beasts ready to attack while your opponent is completely defenseless.
  • If you use this card in combination with Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude, you don't lose any Crystal Beasts, your opponent cannot negate its effect, and even when you have no Crystal Beasts, you can clean the entire field.
  • In rare instances you might not be able to kill off your opponent after Crystal Abundance has been played. (either not enough cards on your opponents side of the field or some other situation). For these situations play Crystal Blessing to more speedily recharge for another abundance.
  • Be forewarned that this card runs the risk of being countered by your opponent's set spell or trap cards. However, you can get around this problem by normal summoning "Fenghuang" or "Yaksha" right before playing this card.
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