To Xyz Summon:

  • If your LP is 2000 or less, you can Special Summon multiple copies of "Endless Decay" from your hand.

To use its effects:

  • Use this card as Xyz Material to Xyz Summon "Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger" when Special Summoned by its own effect, as it has no Xyz Materials and be in Defense Position.
  • You can use "Final Attack Orders" or "All-Out Attacks" to keep this card in Attack Position when it revives itself.
    • "Gamushara" can also be helpful, especially if the opponent uses a Monster with less than 2500 ATK points, dealing damage and shifting this Monster back into Attack Position.


  • Level 5 Zombie monsters that can be used as Xyz Material:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
Astra GhoulsアストラグールズEffect MonsterEARTH02000
Endless Decay茫漠の死者Effect MonsterDARK?0
Giant Axe MummyジャイアントマミーEffect MonsterEARTH17002000
Koa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulateコアキメイル・グールズスレイブEffect MonsterEARTH25001700
Patrician of Darknessノーブル・ド・ノワールEffect MonsterDARK20001400
Reaper on the Nightmareナイトメアを駆る死霊Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
Sea Monster of Theseusテセウスの魔棲物Fusion MonsterTuner monsterWATER22001800
Shadow Ghoulシャドウ・グールEffect MonsterDARK16001300
Shadow Vampireシャドウ・ヴァンパイアEffect MonsterDARK20000
Shiranui Swordsaga業神-不知火Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
... further results (8 more)
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