• You can use this card with "Gishki Diviner", essentially letting you draw an extra card per turn.
  • This card is a good choice for a mill Deck because you can see when your opponent has a card you don't want them to play, and when they have a card you should avoid milling, like Revival Golem.
  • This card works well with "Mind Crush" and "D.D. Designator", as you will know what cards are in your opponent's hand, to a certain extent
  • This card works well with "Card Shuffle" as it will allow you to both shuffle your opponent's Deck to prevent them from obtaining good draws, as well as shuffle your own to possibly get good ones.
  • This is ideal if your opponent uses "Exodia", as you will be able to tell when an "Exodia" piece is about to be added to your opponent's hand, and you can then use one of the above methods to prevent them from drawing it.
  • This card works well against "Sylvan" decks, as you will be able to see if any "Sylvan" monsters are incoming, thus you can better prepare to stop them before their effects trigger (e.g. through Milling and/or Hand destruction.)
    • In the same way, this card works well with "Sylvan" Decks, as it allows them to use their on-excavate effects with more consistency.
  • In a "SPYRAL" deck, use this card to easily see what the top card of your opponent's Deck is, dramatically increasing your chances of declaring the correct card type when trying to Special Summon "SPYRAL Super Agent" with its own effect.
  • In a "Flower Cardian" deck, this card can prevent the misfiring of many effects that depend on the top card of the deck.