• This monster's effect can be used to Special Summons from your GY itself. This effectively makes it immune to being destroyed by battle, so long as it can be sent to the GY, and a card effect doesn't change it from being a Warrior monster (i.e. "Zombie World").
  • This card works very well against opponents who use Warrior-themed Decks, particularly "HERO" Decks as they tend to fill their GYs with Warrior monsters quickly.
  • If a Deck that can Synchro Summon Level 8 monsters easily is used, this card can be a great addition to the Extra Deck simply because it will gain power against "Six Samurai", "Elemental HERO", "Lightsworn" and Warrior-themed Decks, without having to run anything extra.
  • This card is also a great counter against mill Decks that feature Warrior monsters.
  • This card works very well with the Trap "Ready for Intercepting" and the Spell "Book of Moon" because since this card's effect to revive itself only works if it is destroyed by battle, by using the cards mentioned above, "Colossal Fighter" will be alive, since most cards that destroy monsters, such as "Lightning Vortex" and "Mirror Force", only work on face-up monsters.
  • This card can be used to trump your opponent's "Honest" as it can revive itself when destroyed by battle and attack a different monster in the same Battle Phase.
  • Combo this monster's effect to revive itself with "Rainbow Life". So long as "Colossal Fighter" can attack, many LP can be gained as possible, as battle damage turns into LP gain with the effect of "Rainbow Life".
  • "Rose, Warrior of Revenge" is a good Tuner to Summon this card with, because "Rose" is a Warrior monster, and most monsters in a Warrior-theme Deck are Level 4. "Field-Commander Rahz" and "Rose" are a good combo.
    • Using "Monster Slots" with this will let yourself get it out in one turn.
  • This card can be Summoned with relative ease by using "Chaos End Master"; by using its effects, "Turret Warrior" can be Summoned and attack again if the field is clear. Then, they can be used to Synchro Summon "Colossal Fighter" in Main Phase 2. There will be a 3000 ATK monster at no real cost.
    • Using the previous combo, "Urgent Tuning" can also be used to Synchro Summon "Colossal Fighter" during your Battle Phase and attack again.
  • This card can quickly be Synchro Summond by Summoning "Junk Synchron", bringing "Speed Warrior" from the GY and Tributing it to Special Summon "Turret Warrior", so "Colossal Fighter" can be Summoned.
  • Use "Foolish Burial" on "Synchron Explorer", and then Summon "Junk Synchron". Using "Synchron Explorer" with "Junk Synchron" Synchro Summon "X-Saber Wayne". Get another "Junk Synchron" and tune them to get "Colossal Fighter".
  • This card can be Synchro Summoned in one turn by Normal Summoning "Junk Synchron" and Special Summoning a Level 2 monster an a "Quillbolt Hedgehog" from your GY and adding "Synchro Boost" to one of them. Or, when there are 2 "Quillbolt Hedgehogs" in your GY, both of them can simply be Summoned and revive a Level 1 monster with the effect of "Junk Synchron".
  • One possible combo with this card to get over something stronger is to activate "Raigeki Bottle", attack with "Colossal Fighter", get a counter, Special Summon "Colossal Fighter", repeat until there are four Counters, pop "Bottle" and attack directly.
  • An interesting strategy is to get "Torapart" into your GY along with "Immortal Bushi" and getting "Junk Synchron" in your hand as often as possible, if done correctly, "Colossal Fighter" can be Synchro every turn.
  • During your turn, if your opponent activates the effect of "Maxx "C"" and have a monster in Attack Position with at least 2500 (optimal is 2500 ATK). An 0TK might be performed with this card and with the Quick Spell "Forbidden Chalice" by targeting their 2500+ ATK monster with it which would make this card 100 ATK+ weaker, unless opponent negates your attack or ends Battle Phase ("Negate Attack") or use a Spells (like "Book of Moon") or Traps (like "Dimensional Prison or "Mirror Force") that prevents this card from going into the GY due to battle. The effect of "Colossal Fighter" can be used in the GY to Special Summon itself (as it is a Warrior) back to the field during battle and it is allowed to attack again. Each time this is repeated, opponent draws another card due to the effect of "Maxx "C"".
    • If there is sufficient LP, the opponent can be forced to Deck out by repeating this until they have no cards left to draw, and then simply ending your turn. There is need to be a sufficient LP to be able to pull this off. If a card that allows the damage to be avoided such as "One Day of Peace". It can be pulled off, regardless of how many cards the opponent will have and the attack power of their monster (as long it is higher than this card) and your LP.
      • Ensure there are no other Warrior monsters in both Graveyards as this card's ATK would become too high for this OTK to work, due to the effect of this card that increases its ATK by the number of Warrior monsters in both player's Graveyards.
    • A monster with an equal amount of ATK can be attacked to this to not only get rid of one of your opponent's monsters, but also to get another attack.


 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Colossal Fighter/Assault Modeギガンテック・ファイター/バスターEffect MonsterDARKWarrior1033001500
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