• If your opponent has 2 monsters on their side of the field and you have this card face down on your side of the field and your opponent attacks, activate "Staunch Defender" and when "Cobra Jar" is flipped and sent to the graveyard your opponent will be forced to attack the Poisonous Snake Token and lose 500 Life Points.
  • If this card survives long enough to be used, it can be used for a double Tribute Summon or as Synchro Material Monsters as the token it summons along with itself add up to 5 level stars, usable with many different Tuner monsters.
    • You can ensure it survives by setting it, then activating "Book of Taiyou" to activate its effect right away.
  • It is possible to use cards like "Book of Eclipse" and "Book of Moon" to keep recycling this card's ability to summon tokens, at which point "Token Stampede" can be activated to make the tokens 2200 and not be able to be destroyed in battle. (Note: The effect of doing 500 damage when they die as a result of battle cannot be fulfilled anymore, since the tokens cannot be destroyed in battle anymore.)

Traditional Format

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