• If your opponent controls any monster in their Extra Monster Zone:
    • Summoning this card can be a highly effective form of removal, bypassing all card effect immunities and granting you a +1 in card advantage.
    • The removal can be made searchable by using "Toon Table of Contents" on "Toon Cyber Dragon". Add in more copies of "Toon Table of Contents" for additional consistency and Deck thinning.
    • If your opponent's Extra Deck monster is sufficiently powerful, use "Creature Swap" on your "Cyber Dragon" monster to turn the +1 into a +2. (Note that if your opponent controls a weak Extra Deck monster, they may choose to swap that monster instead, nullifying this combo.)
    • This card can be a terrifyingly effective way to break an opponent's Extra Link, giving you a +2 on top of a 3600 ATK monster. (Add in "Creature Swap" for a potential +3).
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