• You can use "Light of Intervention" in conjunction with this card so your opponent cannot Set monsters, leaving them open for this card's effect.
  • If you have a Spellcaster Deck, you can Special Summon "Chaos Sorcerer" then have at least one other Spellcaster in your field, activate the effect of "Chaos Sorcerer" to banish one monster, then activate "Magicians Unite", have your other Spellcaster have 3000 ATK and "Chaos Sorcerer" can't attack and still wouldn't by its effect.
  • "Thunder Dragon" is perfect for the required LIGHT monster; it can easily place itself in the Graveyard and thins your Deck making it more likely for you to draw this card, since it cannot be searched by normal means ("Gold Sarcophagus" and "Different Dimension Capsule" can, however, search it). "Snipe Hunter" can then be used to discard the extra copies of "Thunder Dragon" and be used as the required DARK monster.


  • Use "Imperial Iron Wall" to prevent this card's Summon or to stop this card from banishing any of your monsters.

Traditional Format

  • You can use "Graceful Charity" to quickly send the necessary monsters to your Graveyard an summon this card.
  • After using the effect of "Chaos Sorcerer" to banish a monster, you can follow this up with "Metamorphosis" and Summon a Level 6 Fusion Monster.
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