• Since "Byser Shock" returns all Set cards on the field to their owner's hands, it makes a great target for this card's effect.
  • When this monster is used to Special Summon a DARK non-Tuner monster, Synchro Summon a Level 8 Synchro and use both Synchro Materials to Special Summon "Chaos Sorcerer" or "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning", thus getting 2 beatsticks at once.
    • The above combinations can be used to Summon cards like "Stardust Dragon, "Red Dragon Archfiend" or any other Level 8 Synchro Monsters, including "Colossal Fighter". If "Colossal Fighter" is destroyed by battle; "Chaos-End Master" can be Special Summoned if it's in the Graveyard, and if another monster is destroyed with "Chaos-End Master" and Special Summon another "Sphere of Chaos" with the effect of "Master", another Level 8 Synchro Monster can be Synchro Summoned.
  • Use "Honest" to make sure this card destroys a monster in battle.
  • After a monster is successfully defeated; Special Summoned a monster with this card, after that monster has attacked, and "Urgent Tuning" can be activated for another attack.
  • This card works great in a "Yubel"-Deck.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKATK
Absorouter Dragonアブソルーター・ドラゴンEffect MonsterDragonDARK712002800
Acrobatic Magician曲芸の魔術師Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
AitsuアイツNormal MonsterFairyFIRE5100100
Akz, the PumerピューマンEffect MonsterBeast-WarriorEARTH615001000
Allure Queen LV5魅惑の女王 LV5Effect MonsterSpellcasterDARK510001000
Allure Queen LV7魅惑の女王 LV7Effect MonsterSpellcasterDARK715001500
Altergeist Kunqueryオルターガイスト・クンティエリEffect MonsterSpellcasterEARTH502400
Ancient Gear Engineer古代の機械工兵Effect MonsterMachineEARTH515001500
Arcjet Lightcrafterアークジェット・ライトクラフターEffect MonsterMachineLIGHT902100
Artifact Achilleshieldアーティファクト-アキレウスEffect MonsterFairyLIGHT515002200
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