• You can use this with "Abyss-scorn" & "Safe Zone" to get rid of your opponents monster in the proces.
  • Use with "Ojamagic" to get the 3 Normal "Ojamas".
  • Special Summon this card by sending an opponent's monster absorbed by "Underground Arachnid" or "Relinquished" on a previous turn to their Graveyard. This will allow you to absorb a new monster without the need to ram your Synchro Monster or take damage.
  • Special Summon this card and then Special Summon "Spell Striker" by removing from play the Spell Card you sent to the Graveyard. Now you have two monsters on the field and a Normal Summon left so you can either Tribute them or Summon another level 4 or below monster.

Traditional Format

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