• "Call of the Mummy" is highly useful in a Zombie Deck. The fact that it will allow its controller to Special Summon high Level Zombie monsters from their hand on their first turn makes it a formidable card.
  • This card can be very effective in a "King of the Skull Servants" Deck. If you already have multiple "Wights" in the "Graveyard", and no monsters on your side of the field, you can summon 2 Kings with possibly high attack.
    • Even if your opponent has monsters on their side of the field, if you equip "Opti-Camouflage Armor", you can attack directly with 2 high-powered monsters for a possible OTK.
  • This card combos well with "Dark Dust Spirit". Simply Summon any Zombie monster and then Tribute it for "Dark Dust Spirit", clearing the opponent's field.
  • Use this card to Special Summon "Il Blud", Normal Summon it, then have it Special Summon another high-Level Zombie from the hand or Graveyard.
    • Alternatively, Special Summon a "Zombie Master" and discard a lower Level monster to then Special Summon the discarded monster, or another in the Graveyard. The monster Special Summoned by "Zombie Master" won't be destroyed if "Il Blud" is destroyed.
  • Use this card to Special Summon a Zombie monster while having "Everliving Underworld Cannon" on the field to inflict 800 damage to the opponent.
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