• Use this when "Deep Diver" is destroyed to put up to 3 of your necessary monsters at the top of your Deck. This can greatly benefit an "Exodia" Deck.
  • You can use "Alchemy Cycle" to decrease the attack of a strong monster, and Summon two copies of it.
  • "Aqua Chorus" can be used to power up your other monsters.
  • "Symbol of Heritage" can be used when your opponent destroys or you Tribute the other 2 monsters.
  • This card really lets you stack your searcher monsters with defense higher than their attack. For example, you can use "Warrior Lady of the Wasteland" to get "Hero Kid" to fill up your monster zones. You can also use "Howling Insect" to get "Pinch Hopper" to really let you swarm with Insects and "Pyramid Turtle" with Zombies.
  • "Necro Gardna" will let you get the other 2 thanks to this card, letting you negate 2 more attacks once they enter the Graveyard.
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