• You can use "Counter Cleaner" to remove the counters on this card to reduce the amount of damage you may take should this card be destroyed.
  • Use "Field Barrier" with this card so you don't have to worry about this card being destroyed and taking damage.
  • This card works very well with "Monarchs", since you can Normal Summon a Psychic monster, then Tribute it for a "Monarch".
  • If necessary, you can activate "Mystical Space Typhoon" along with "Rainbow Life" during your opponent's turn, and destroy this card for a massive (and potentially life-saving) Life Points boost.
  • You can also avoid this card's backlash by copying it with "Pseudo Space"; at the end of the turn, it will lose the effects and counters of "Brain Research Lab".

Traditional Format

  • This card allows for unlimited use of the effect of "Mind Master".
  • An OTK can be performed with this card very easily. The following cards are necessary:
    • "Mind Master".
    • 1 level 4 or lower Psychic monster in your hand and at least 16 other Level 4 or lower Psychic monsters in your deck.
    • "Witch Doctor of Sparta"
    • "One for One"
    • First, activate "Brain Research Lab" and Summon "Witch Doctor of Sparta" and the Psychic monster in your hand. Second, activate "One for One" and Summon "Mind Master". Third, activate the effect of "Mind Master" by Tributing the Psychic monster to Summon another, but because of "Brain Research Lab" you will not have to pay any Life Points. This will cause the "Witch Doctor of Sparta" to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent for each Psychic monster you Summon from the Deck. Continue on with this until you've decreased your opponent's Life Points to 0.
  • A second OTK can be performed with this card, though it is slightly harder to use due to the fact it uses more cards. The following cards are required:
    • "Mind Master"
    • Any Level 4 or lower Psychic monster (in your hand AND in your deck) ex."Krebons"
    • "Telekinetic Power Well" (in your hand)
    • "Power Injector" (x3 in your Deck)
    • "Destructotron" (in your Deck, in the event your opponent has ANY set Spell or Trap cards)
    • "Reinforced Human Psychic Borg"(in your Deck)
    • "Psychic Snail"(in your Deck)
    • Summon a level 4 or lower Psychic monster from your hand, and Summon "Mind Master". Continuously Tribute the other Psychic monster until you have filled your Graveyard with three to four Level 2 or lower Psychic monsters, destroyed their backfield with "Destructotron", then Tribute it for "Reinforced Human Psychic Borg". Activate "Telekinetic Power Well", Special Summoning until your field is full of monsters. Tribute one of the monsters Summoned with the effect of "Power Well" to Special Summon a "Psychic Snail". Tribute the rest of the monsters Summoned with the effect of "Power Well" for two "Power Injector". Activate both effects of "Power Injector", and activate the effect of "Psychic Snail" to make all other Psychic monsters attack twice. Then, Tribute the "Psychic Snail" for another "Power Injector", and pump once more. Finally, Tribute the "Power Injector" for another "Psychic Borg", remove four monsters for the effects of two "Borg". Attack with all the monsters for 24900 damage. ({"PI"- 2800x2} + {"PI"-2800x2} + {"B"-4000x2} + {"MM"-1600x2} + {"B"-4000})
  • Near the end of the above OTK, you may Summon "Psi-Blocker" with the effect of "Mind Master", declare "Brain Research Lab", and remove all counters from it. This is because "Psi-Blocker" negates all effects of the card, including it's ability to hold counters. Simply pay the 800 Life Points for the final Special Summon from the Deck and the OTK will be complete, as well as much, MUCH safer.


  • Psychic monsters that require paying LP to activate their effects:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
DestructotronディストラクターEffect MonsterEARTH41600400
Doctor CraniumカバリストEffect MonsterEARTH1100100
Dr. FrankenderpDr.フランゲEffect MonsterDARK3300300
Final Psychic OgreファイナルサイコオーガEffect MonsterEARTH522001700
Genetic Womanジェネティック・ウーマンEffect MonsterWIND417001200
Grapple BlockerウォールクリエイターEffect MonsterEARTH412002000
Kozmo FarmgirlKozmo-ドロッセルEffect MonsterLIGHT315001000
Kozmo GoodwitchKozmo-グリンドルEffect MonsterLIGHT418001000
Kozmo Scaredy LionKozmo-パーヴィッドEffect MonsterLIGHT21200500
Kozmo SoartroopersKozmo-シーミウズEffect MonsterDARK310001000
... further results (18 more)
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