• "Dragon's Mirror" can be used to easily Fusion Summon this card, with cards like "Dragon Shrine" and "Dragon Ravine" feeding copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and/or "Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon" to the Graveyard for use as Fusion Materials.
    • "Elemental HERO Prisma" is especially good in this regard, since it can send 1 of the Fusion Materials from the Deck to the Graveyard (albeit being restricted to the original "Blue-Eyes White Dragon") while subsequently treating itself as another "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to be used for the Fusion Summon.
    • However, this method of Fusion Summoning can be slightly detrimental in a Deck that uses "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon", since that monster gains ATK from Dragon-Type monsters in the Graveyard.

Traditional Format

  • "Cyber-Stein" can be used to Summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" for the price of 5000 Life Points.
    • Taking into account the cost of "Cyber-Stein", "Megamorph" could also be used for a potential OTK. "Fairy Meteor Crush" or similar effects will help your chances.
    • If there is a "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" in your hand, "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" can be Tributed to Summon it right away.
  • Use "Future Fusion" to Summon this card, and activate "Dragon's Mirror" to banish 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" in your Graveyard, and Summon another "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". After this, activate "Return from the Different Dimension" to return the 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to your field, and then use a standard Fusion Method (such as "Polymerization") to Summon yet another "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" giving yourself an attack potential of 13500.
    • After using the previous tip or instead of using "Return from the Different Dimension", use "Burial from a Different Dimension" to return the 3 copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" back into your Graveyard followed by using another "Dragon's Mirror" to Summon another "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" (if used after the previous tip, this assumes one was returned to your Extra Deck.)
    • Alternatively, "Future Fusion" could be used to instead Summon "Five-Headed Dragon" by sending 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" and 2 other Dragon-Type monsters to the Graveyard and follow up with the remaining combo. It is also possible to still Summon all 3 "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons", added with "Five-Headed Dragon" will give yourself an attack potential of 18500.
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