• You can protect an opponent's monster from being destroyed by battle or card effect, preventing them from activating the effect of a Meklord Emperor to summon itself, or the effects of searchers like "Giant Rat", "Sangan", or "Yubel".
  • Monsters you control with effects that activate/apply when they are not destroyed in a battle it would have been destroyed in, like "Amazoness Sage", can make good use of this card's effect on the field.
    • This effect can prove useful with "Power of the Guardians", allowing for you to keep the equipped monster alive that would have been destroyed despite the 500 ATK/DEF increase on attack declaration.
    • You can use this card to protect your Gladiator Beast monster from battle destruction so that it can shuffle itself and summon another monster by its own effect.
  • This card's effect in the GY is useful alongside a card with an effect that activates/applies when the opponent's monster is not destroyed in a battle it would have been destroyed in, like "Great Poseidon Beetle", "Sword Master", or "Constellar Meteor".
    • Use this card alongside "Attack Pheromones" to switch your opponent's monster to Attack Position with a Reptile-type monster other than one belonging to the Reptilianne archetype. A good example is "Lion Alligator", which is Level 4 with 1900 ATK and has an effect that allows for it and other Reptile-type monsters you control to inflict piercing battle damage.
    • A monster that is attacked by "Mist Valley Soldier", "Hyper Hammerhead", or a monster affected by "Magnetic Field", can be returned to the hand/Extra Deck instead of being sent to the GY. You can do this to make your opponent have to properly summon it again instead of allowing them to revive it with a card like "Monster Reborn" or "Call of the Haunted".
  • A monster equipped with "DZW - Chimera Clad" can make great use of this card's second effect, allowing for the equipped monster to attack again on a monster with now 0 ATK. If combined with "Double or Nothing!" while the equipped monster is "Number 39: Utopia", you can potentially OTK your opponent by attacking a monster that originally had 2000 or less ATK.
  • "Double Tool C&D" pairs very well with this card.
    • During your turn, your can protect your monster (which gains 1000 ATK this turn) from destruction from cards like "Mirror Force" with its first effect.
    • During your opponent's turn, you can destroy this card instead of the equipped monster, which will then destroy the attacking monster due to the Equip Spell's effect.
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