• This card is the best "Blaze Accelerator" card to trigger the second effect of "Volcanic Scattershot", since it destroys all of the opponent's monsters anyway.
    • Set this card and "Mirror Force" for a fool proof trap. If your opponent attacks, their monsters are destroyed. If they used multiple Spell and Trap destroying effects, this card can be chained to send "Scattershot" to the Graveyard.
  • This is the first "Blaze Accelerator" card that allows yourself to discard "Volcanic" cards on your opponent's turn. With this new trick, "Volcanic Scattershot" can be used to nuke your opponent's field in their Main Phase 1 to protect your monsters, or dump "Volcanic Counters" before their Battle Phase to deter attacks. It also send "Volcanic" cards at a much faster rate (twice per round) than either of the other two "Accelerators". With this, your Deck can be rifle through in search of key cards, while loading the grave with "Counters" and other "Volcanic" cards for the effect of "Volcanic Hammerer".
  • This is the first "Blaze Accelerator" card that can discard non-monsters. With this new support, "Volcanic Recharges" can be ran (to recycle your "Volcanic Shells") over more versatile cards like "The Transmigration Prophecy". Even if it is drawn without any "Volcanic" cards in grave, it can just be pitched to draw another card.
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