• Pyro monsters with 500 or less ATK that can be sent from the hand to the Graveyard:
 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Burning Algae燃える藻Effect MonsterFIRE35001500
Charcoal Inpachi大木炭18Normal MonsterFIRE11002100
Dragon Piper壺魔人Effect MonsterFIRE32001800
Evilswarm Obliviwispヴェルズ・オ・ウィスプEffect MonsterDARK44502050
Flame Viperフレイム・ヴァイパーNormal MonsterEARTH2400450
Flamvell Pounフレムベル・パウンEffect MonsterFIRE1200200
Fox Fireきつね火Effect MonsterFIRE2300200
Impcantation Candoll魔神儀-キャンドールEffect MonsterLIGHT400
Jigen Bakudanタイム・ボマーEffect MonsterFIRE22001000
Laval Forest Spriteラヴァル炎樹海の妖女Effect MonsterFIRE2300200
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