• Use "Book of Moon" to flip your monster and keep it alive.
    • Summon "Stardust Dragon" and use its effect to banish for the rest of the Battle Phase to keep it on the field for longer. If the opponent doesn't destroy it, use a destructive effect.
  • When a Synchro Monster is Special Summoned by the effect of "Blackwing - Calima the Haze" it is banish at the end of Battle Phase, chain "Zero Force" as this will leave the remaining monsters on the field with 0 ATK.
  • If "Vortex the Whirlwind" is in your Graveyard, this card can make some kind of loop (having 2 or 3 copies) if your opponent attacks them several times.
  • If "Gravity Warrior" is in your Graveyard, Special Summon it in Attack Position after they attack with any monsters stronger then 2100, then use its effect.
  • "Angel of Zera" works very well with this card's effect because "Angel of Zera" will return to the field during the next Standby Phase if it was banished either by this card's effect or by your opponent.

Traditional Format

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