• Traditional Format Only: Use "Painful Choice" to get more chances to special summon this card.
    • Since this card cannot deal battle damage to your opponent, instead use cards like "Ring of Destruction" on this card to inflict damage to your opponent's life points.
  • This can be Tributed to Summon "Great Maju Garzett", which will have twice its ATK, without its negative effect.
  • This monster is the strongest non-Nomi monster already shown, meaning you may use him in a "Last Turn" Deck, and your opponent shall not be able to Special Summon a way stronger monster, therefore an easy win for your Duel, unless they summon "Gaia Plate the Earth Giant".
  • Use "A Hero Emerges" to Summon this monster easier, when it's the only card in your hand.
  • Use "Megamorph" to double this card's ATK to 7600, then use "Forbidden Chalice" to add 400 ATK while at the same time negating "Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur's" negative effect, thus doing 8,000 damage in 1 attack.
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