• This card is meant for "Blackwing" Decks since they are all Winged Beast-Type monsters as well as "Harpie" Decks. In either Deck, with 2 additional Winged Beasts out, it would make a 2000 beat-stick with optional Spell/Trap destruction, and would be a fitting medium between a fused "Harpie" and "Blackwing" Deck.
  • This card fits well into a Winged Beast-Type Deck that uses "Dark Simorgh", "Blackwings" and WIND Winged Beasts.
  • This card's effect also counts itself, so if its the only monster on your field, its ATK is already 1800. So the least amount of monsters you would need to reach 2000 is two other Winged Beast-Type monsters.
  • You can use "DNA surgery" to change the type of every monster on the field to winged beast, in order to use it's effects.

Traditional Format

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