• With this card, you can use "Last Turn" much earlier. The only requirement is 1 Six Samurai that you already don't control.
  • Combine this card with "Reversal Quiz" (and cards that support it) and your opponent will be left with 100 Life Points. Even better, if you have "Sangan" on the field when you activate "Reversal Quiz", you can use it to add a "Solar Flare Dragon" to your hand and summon it to finish off your opponent. If you flip over "Big Eye" and then use "Reversal Quiz" you'll know what your next card is. You can also set "Black Pendant" before you activate "Reversal Quiz". If your life points switch, "Black Pendant's" effect will activate and you'll win the duel.
  • Use this card plus "Life Equalizer" and any card that increases the opponent's LPs but not your own. Make sure you dumped enough "Six Samurais" and Spell Cards (15 Spells) so that you may use "Magical Explosion" to zero your opponent's LPs, granting an OTK.
  • If you use "The A. Forces" with this card your summoned Samurai will gain up to 1000 ATK, each! This is very good for turning the tide against the opponent.
  • Try to have "The A. Forces" on your field. Then activate this card, by doing this, you will get five Six Samurais, but four of the five summoned samurais must be of FIRE, WATER, WIND and EARTH attributes. Then activate "Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan" to destroy all your opponent's monsters or spell and trap cards (depending on the situation). After that, activate the effects you need of the samurais to clean your opponent's side of the field for multiple direct attacks for an OTK!
  • To somewhat alleviate the high cost of Backs to the Wall, you can use "The Spell Absorbing Life". Since you should have 5 Effect Monsters on your side of the field, you will gain 2000 life points at the minimum, plus 400 for every Effect Monster your opponent controls as well. As a bonus Flip Effects are also not activated.
  • To somewhat alleviate the high cost of Backs to the Wall, you can use "Destruct Potion" to tribute 1 of your summoned Samurai to gain lifepoints equal to its ATK. By having "Gateway of the Six" on the field when you activate Backs to the Wall, you can raise the ATK of one of the summoned Samurai, and then tribute it with "Destruct Potion" to gain even more life points.
  • Use this card to swarm your field with Samurai. If you had five in your grave, you instantly deal a whopping 2500 damage by using "Ceasefire".
  • If your opponents lifepoints are 4,000 or less you can use this card to summon out 2 level 4 Six Samurai's and use them to summon into "Number 39: Utopia".Then Chaos Xyz Summon "Number C39: Utopia Ray".
  • Use Urgent Tuning during your opponent's battle phase along with this card if you don't have enough LP to survive without losing monsters to synchro summon more powerful monsters.
  • If you summon 5 different monsters with this card, you can Link Summon Decode Talker while having Decode Talker pointing to the other 2 monsters increasing Decode Talker's ATK to 3300.
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