• This card is a great partner with "Copycat", if "Copycat" mimics a powerful monster.
    • Or with "Relinquished", if it's got a powerful monster equipped.
  • "Triangle Power" is another card that is useful when using this card.
  • This card can allow "Meklord Emperor" monsters to attack directly.
    • Equip the "Meklord Emperor" with an opponent's Synchro Monster for increased damage.
    • Use "Double Attack" with the "Meklord Emperor" for increased damage.
  • This card can allow "Tragoedia" to attack directly after its Level becomes 1.
  • Special Summon a "Malus Token" from "The Golden Apples" and have this card allow it to attack your opponent directly to deal the same battle damage you took.
  • Use "Photon Veil" to add three "Watapon" to your hand and Special Summon them to Xyz Summon this card.
  • Notice that this card's effect, unlike most other Xyz Monsters', can be activated more than once per turn.
  • Use the effect of "Cybernetic Magician" to raise the ATK power of any Level 1 monster to 2000 and chain with "Baby Tiragon" to attack directly.
  • In a Infernoid Deck, uses whit Void Imagination to makes all high level monsters into level 1 monster, then uses Baby Tiragon effect to allows then attacks directly, however, due Void Imagination effect, the damage will be halved. (The maximum damage that you will inflict whit the strongest monsters, Infernoid Tierra whiteout increases it ATK will be mere 1700).
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