• You can use this card's effect to your advantage by destroying an opponent's weaker monster and then defend yourself from a stronger monster that would have otherwise dealt a significant amount of damage.
  • This card's 2000 ATK lets it destroy many commonly-used Level 4 monsters with troublesome effects easily, such as "Thunder King Rai-Oh" and "Doomcaliber Knight". Since Disaster Dragon decks relying on many Special Summon effects, this card can be reliable for tasks mentioned above.
    • This card's better than "Infernal Dragon", because this card can still provide defense on your side of the field, and its relatively easy to keep it on the field ("Infernal Dragon" is more troublesome because of it's self-destruct effect after it attacks, and will need Tribute to re-Summon it).
  • Because of this card's applicable stats (Being Level 4 and has an original ATK of 2000), this card is a prime target for Summoning "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" due to its ease of getting it on to the field.

Traditional Format

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