• If you use this card in conjunction with "Spirit Barrier", you can protect yourself indefinitely, because "Astral Barrier" allows you to change attacks to direct attacks, and "Spirit Barrier" will cancel the damage from those direct attacks so long as you have a monster.
  • Use this along with "Des Counterblow" to destroy any monster that attacks.
  • This card combos pretty well with "Begone, Knave!". Your opponent cannot attack any of your monsters, and if they dare attack the attacker is bounced right to its owner's hand.
  • This card is a good counter to an attempted "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole" lock, because it keeps "Grand Mole" from ever touching your monsters.
  • This card is also a good counter to "Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare"; it has 0 attack points and relies purely on activating its effect after battling one of your monsters.
    • It can also counter "Clear Vice Dragon" for the same reason, allowing your monster to destroy it on your next turn.
  • It'll be easier to keep out monsters on the field for future use considering you use this with "Inferno Tempest".
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