• A card that is equipped to a monster when it revives it from the grave, like "Premature Burial", also gives an additional attack to "Ben Kei".
  • "Ben Kei's" effect works well with "Hundred Eyes Dragon" making it a multi-attacker if it has at least 1 Equip card on it.
  • "Unstable Evolution" is a good card to equip to this card, because it'll give "Ben Kei" an attack boost when your life points are lower or higher than your opponent's, and it will grant "Ben Kei" an additional attack.

Traditional Format

  • A common strategy is to use "Giant Trunade" to clear your opponent's set Spell and Trap cards, then equip "Ben Kei" with cards that increase his ATK such as "Axe of Despair", "Mask of Brutality" and "Mage Power" and allowing you to attack multiple times. "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" allows this card to attack directly, and is deadly when combined with the ATK boosting Equip Spell Cards previously mentioned. "Fairy Meteor Crush" is also useful for the ability to do piercing damage, although "Big Bang Shot" is more often used because of its Attack boost of 400. Take caution when attempting to attack, however. Your opponent may have a set card such as "Old Vindictive Magician" or "D.D. Warrior Lady", which could pose a serious problem for "Ben Kei". It is often helpful to include "Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou" to combat such effects.
    • You should also take caution when attacking while "Ben Kei" is equipped with "Big Bang Shot" because if "Big Bang Shot" is removed from the field, "Ben Kei" is removed from play. You can use "Imperial Iron Wall" to stop "Ben Kei" from being removed from play when "Big Bang Shot" is removed from the field.
    • Use "Power Tool Dragon" to ensure that you always have an equip spell to play.
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