• If there are 3 or less Fairy-Type monsters in the Graveyard, the effect of ""The Agent of Creation - Venus" can make it possible to Special Summon this card (assuming there's an appropriate number of copies of "Mystical Shine Ball" to Summon), since "Venus" and "Mystical Shine Ball" can be used for 1 or more Link Summons that send them to the Graveyard.
  • Useful in a Trickstar Deck, since the monsters are Fairy Type.
  • This card can be used in Ritual-oriented decks, as “Cyber Angel Benten” can search this card out with ease, and unless you’re playing this card in “Cyber Angel” or “Herald” decks, then the “Impcantation” monsters can be used as tributes instead for a tribute summon.
  • Vanity's Ruler” is an arguably better card (they can both be searched by “Cyber Angel Benten”) as it’s a one sided floodgate that can still allow to special summon even after tribute summoning it. The one advantage this card has is being able to special summon itself with a little bit of graveyard setup.

Traditional Format

  • "Painful Choice" can be used to fill the Graveyard with Fairy-Type monsters for this card's Special Summon.
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