• Note that this card requires that the 3 monsters be sent to the Graveyard as a condition to Summon it, so you cannot use Tokens, unlike with similar cards such as "Destiny HERO - Plasma".
    • However, unlike "Plasma", the fact that this card doesn't Tribute the monsters means that you can use "Mind Control" to help Summon it.
  • If this card's ATK has been lowered to below 1000 by its Tails effect, use "Forbidden Chalice" to negate that effect and briefly make this card's ATK 4400. "Forbidden Chalice" can also be used during the opponent's turn or even during the Damage Step.
    • You can also use "Book of Moon" to flip it into face-down Defense Position where it will be protected by its 4000 DEF, then later flip it back face-up where its 4000 ATK will be restored. Note that as it is no longer considered Special Summoned, it will have neither of its effects.
    • Note that this card's ATK must be lower than 1000 for either of the above cards to work, otherwise they will be negated by this card's own effect.
  • Use "Second Coin Toss" for a 75% chance of getting whichever effect you want. (Note that if you get this card's Tails effect and want to get the Heads effect, you cannot reliably use "Reversal of Fate" as this card's effect will negate it.)
  • You can reuse Spell and Trap cards after the Battle Phase with its Heads effect to Set or activate their effects again another time.
  • If you can use the Heads effect, you can discard "Honest" for its ATK boosting effect and return him to your hand after this card destroys a monster in battle.
  • With this card's Heads effect active, activate "Staunch Defender" to force every monster your opponent controls to attack. With this card's high ATK, your opponent's monsters will likely all be destroyed, and you will get to bring back a card from your Graveyard for each of them.
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