• This card works with, and against, "Spellbook" Decks as they commonly have Spell Cards in their Graveyard.
    • This card works against "Magical Explosion" Decks for the same reason. When your opponent activates that card, activate "Flash Fusion" or "Super Polymerization"(Traditional Format) to Summon this card. Then use "Amulet Dragon's" effect to banish all of the Spells in your opponent's Graveyard, leaving you unharmed.
    • For the same reason this card can be devastating against "Sky Striker" Decks and the variants, emptying their Graveyard of Spell Cards and rendering their Link Monsters essentially harmless.
  • Use this against "Shaddoll" decks by banishing their Fusion Summoning Spell Cards, preventing them from recovering those cards with the effects of their "Shaddoll" Fusion Monsters.
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