• You can also use this card's effect with "Gear Gigant X". While there are 2 "roids" in your Graveyard, you can Summon "Expressroid" while "Ambulanceroid" is on the field to revive 2 "roids". Then, you can overlay those roids into "Gear Gigant X", detach a roid to return it to your hand, which will Special Summon it again. You can then get another "Gear Gigant X".
  • You can use "Monster Reincarnation" to discard a "Vehicroid" from your hand and then add it back, using "Ambulanceroid" to Special Summon it. You can summon "Expressroid" and then use it to summon 2 "Vehicroids" from your Graveyard giving you 3 new monsters, or you can Summon "Rescueroid" or "Armoroid" without tributes.

Traditional Format

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