• This card can be used to search for the same monster your opponent just destroyed.
  • "Amazoness Paladin" has an ATK of 2000 with this card on the field even by herself, making her stronger than most Level 4 or lower monsters.
  • Combine this card with "Kaiser Colosseum". This card can help give yourself a constant flow of monsters, while the "Colosseum" hinders your opponent.
  • Use this card to Summon "Amazoness Blowpiper" to set it up to activate its effect during your next Standby Phase.
  • This card's effect can be used if an "Amazoness" monster was destroyed from a location other than the field. This means it can be used against cards such as "Solemn Warning".

Traditional Format


  • Main Deck "Amazoness" monsters sorted by Level:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Amazoness Queenアマゾネス女王Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior624001800
Amazoness Fighterアマゾネスの格闘戦士Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior415001300
Amazoness Tigerアマゾネスペット虎Effect MonsterEARTHBeast411001500
Amazoness Paladinアマゾネスの聖戦士Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior41700300
Amazoness Traineeアマゾネス訓練生Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior415001300
Amazoness Chain Masterアマゾネスの鎖使いEffect MonsterEARTHWarrior415001300
Amazoness Sageアマゾネスの賢者Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior41400700
Amazoness Swords Womanアマゾネスの剣士Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior415001600
Amazoness Archerアマゾネスの射手Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior414001000
Amazoness Princessアマゾネス王女Effect MonsterEARTHWarrior31200900
... further results (4 more)
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