• This card can generate an instant OTK if used together with Ojama Trio, making the Ojama Tokens attack a 2400+ ATK monster. A Chainsaw Insect is perhaps the best monster to overlap with this combo.
  • Use this card with any of the "Yubel" cards to inflict damage to your opponent's lifepoints.
  • Use this with "Goyo Guardian" to attack right away with the monsters that you steal with its effect after your Guardian destroys them in battle.
  • This card can be used with numerous Plant monsters from Crossroads of Chaos which summon low-attack tokens on the opponents side of the field.
  • This card works well in an OTK Strategy using Cactus Fighter. On your opponents turn if this monster destroys another monster, using Shrink, Rush Recklessly, Fairy Box, or any Quick-Play Spell card, or Trap Card which makes this monster stronger or the opposing monster weaker, the opponent's monster will be destroyed by this card and will summon a Token that will be forced to attack this monster, causing an infinite loop, resulting in a win by inflicting infinite life point damage.
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