• This card works very well with ""A" Cell Incubator", as every A-Counter removed with this cards effect can be retrieved quickly by using the last counter to destroy the ""A" Cell Incubator", allowing you to replace and even redistribute lost A-counters.
  • This card works very well with "Alien Dog" because the Dog will give you ammunition to destroy a Spell/Trap.
  • Set this card up with ""A" Cell Recombination Device", then summon it with "Alien Ammonite", as you prepare for the level 5 synchro or link, destroying an opponent's spell/trap in the process with telepath's effect. If you have "Code A Ancient Ruins" you can then resummon this card, destroy one more of your opponent's spell/traps, then potentially bounce Ruins with "Gol'gar" to repeat the combo immediately.

Traditional Format

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