• "Mask of Restrict" can help to keep this card face-up on your opponent's field.
  • You can activate "Ojama Trio" to create instant tribute material for this card.
    • Use in tandem with "Ojama Trio" and "Summoning Curse" to banish two cards in your opponent's hand.
  • "Black Garden" can make it easy to use its effect, also it has the highest defense of all the "Alien" monsters, which is helpful since all normal or special summoned monsters have their attack halved with Black Garden.
  • Play this card while you have an "Alien Kid" on the field, not only will this give you a chance to deal extra damage through battle due to it being weakened by at least 1200 against alien monsters, but the 2 A-Counters will give you an opportunity to use other card effects such as "Code A Ancient Ruins" or the special summon ability of "Alien Overlord".
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