• This card can be Summoned by "Deep Sea Diva", "Surface", "Flying Kamakiri #1", "Shrine of Mist Valley", "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" and "Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation".
  • This card has an effect to banish itself until your next Standby Phase, making it an ideal card to stockpile cards in the Banished Zone for the use of "Fish and Kicks" and "Oh F!sh!".
  • Being a Level 3 Sea Serpent, this card can be searched out instantly by "Deep Sea Diva" for destruction or Synchro Summon or both.
  • This card is fairly useful in destroying cards with Optional Trigger effects like "Dupe Frog", "Peten the Dark Clown" etc. because this card's effect makes it so that the last thing to happen was that it banished itself, causing those cards to miss their timing.
  • You can prevent this card from banishing itself after using its effect with "Imperial Iron Wall".

Traditional Format

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