TCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

OCG Rulings

  • Paying 500 Life Points is a cost to activate this card's effect.[1]
  • If activated during the Battle Step, it causes a replay. It is not necessary for your opponent to attack the newly Summoned/Set monster (but he may, if he wishes).[2]
  • You can neither activate (flip face-up) nor activate the effect of this card in the Damage Step.[3]

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • If a monster like "Panther Warrior" or "Dark Elf" or "Jirai Gumo" or "Insect Queen" attacks and a replay occurs because, for example, your opponent activated the effect of "Ultimate Offering", then you do not need to pay Life Points or Tribute another monster to select a new attack target. Also, if you choose to cancel the attack, then the paid Life Points and the Tributed monster are not refunded.[8]

Previously Official Rulings

  • If Ultimate Offering is face-up, you can activate its effect multiple times in the same chain.
  • If your opponent activates a Trap Card, you can chain the effect of your face-up Ultimate Offering to the Trap Card to Tribute Summon Jinzo (if you had a monster on the field to Tribute) and negate the Trap Card's effect.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Bottomless Trap Hole: Only the monster(s) that triggered "Bottomless Trap Hole" by being Normal / Flip / Special Summoned can be destroyed & removed from play by "Bottomless Trap Hole's" effect. Example: Player A Normal Summons "Dark Blade", and Player B activates "Bottomless Trap Hole" in response (Chain Link 1), then Player A chains the effect of his face-up "Ultimate Offering" to Tribute "Dark Blade" for "Summoned Skull" (Chain Link 2). "Ultimate Offering's" effect resolves first, and "Dark Blade" is Tributed for "Summoned Skull". Then the effect of "Bottomless Trap Hole" disappears because the monster it would have applied to is no longer on the field.
  • Dora of Fate: If you Summon multiple times with "Ultimate Offering", "Dora of Fate" only applies to the first Summon.
  • Double Summon: You can activate multiple copies of this card in the same turn, but you can only gain 1 extra Summon per turn from this card. You can gain additional Normal Summons from other cards like "Ultimate Offering", etc.
  • Trap Hole: You can activate "Trap Hole" both during you and your opponent's turn when your opponent use "Ultimate Offering" and Summons a monster because it is considered a Normal Summon.[21][Q&A]
  • Winged Rhynos: This effect cannot be chained to the activation of the effect of an already face-up Continuous Trap Card, like "Ultimate Offering". It can only be chained when a Trap Card itself is activated (ie., flipped face-up).


Out of Date

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