TCG Rulings

  • If your opponent controls the target “Morphtronic” monster when this card resolves, this card cannot be equipped and is sent to the Graveyard.[1]
  • If this card cannot equip to the target “Morphtronic” monster, the other target does not gain ATK.[1]
  • If you target an attacking “Morphtronic” monster, its attack stops when this card resolves.[1]
  • The monster that gains ATK keeps that ATK as long as it is face-up on the field, even if "Power-Up Adapter" leaves the field. [1]
  • If the monster that gained ATK from "Power-Up Adapter" is affected by "Forbidden Lance", it does not lose the ATK it gained from "Power-Up Adapter". [1]

OCG Rulings

  • When this card is activated, it targets the monster to be equipped.[2]
  • At the timing that this card was equipped to a monster, it targets 1 face-up monster on the field.[2]
  • You can also choose a monster on the opponent's field for the effect to increase ATK.[2]


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