TCG Rulings

  • All of this card’s effects happen as part of 1 Chain Link.[1]
  • Drawing the first card and drawing the second card, if applicable, do not happen at the same time.[1]
  • If you draw a Level 1 monster and draw a second card as a result, you cannot draw any more even if the second card you drew was also a Level 1 monster.[1]
  • You can never activate the effect of Mystic Piper more than once per turn, even if you Summon a new Mystic Piper and change its name using Hero Mask.[1]
  • You can draw a second card with Mystic Piper’s effect even if the Level 1 monster you draw will be destroyed by Deck Devastation Virus after the effect of Mystic Piper resolves.[1]
  • Drawing 2 cards with Mystic Piper is considered drawing cards twice, so if you control Solemn Wishes you will gain 1000 Life Points, not 500.[1]
  • You can activate Mystic Piper’s effect if you have only 1 card left in your Deck. If it is a Level 1 monster, you are forced to draw again and will lose the Duel.[1]
  • If Cost Down is being applied and you draw a Level 3 or lower monster with Mystic Piper’s effect, that monster is considered Level 1 so you can draw 1 more card.[1]


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