Japanese Rulings

  • [Re: Ancient Gear Drill] If you get a Spell Card with "Ancient Gear Drill" and then return it to your hand with "Giant Trunade", restrictions no longer apply so you can use it as normal.
  • [Re: Autonomous Action Unit] When "Autonomous Action Unit" is returned to the hand (with "Giant Trunade", etc.), the equipped monster is destroyed.
  • [Re: Different Dimension Gate] When "Different Dimension Gate" is removed from the field, but not destroyed, because of "Giant Trunade" or "Emergency Provisions", the removed monsters cannot be returned to play.
  • [Re: Embodiment of Apophis] If "Embodiment of Apophis" is a monster, "Giant Trunade" will still return it to the owner's hand.
  • [Re: Fusion Sword Murasame Blade] This card can be returned to the owner's hand by the effect of "Giant Trunade" or 'Tornado Bird".
  • [Re: Swords of Revealing Light] If this card is destroyed or removed from the field by the effect of another card, such as "Heavy Storm" or "Giant Trunade", the opponent may then attack.
  • [Re: Toon Mermaid] This rule applies for "Toon Mermaid", "Toon Summoned Skull", "Manga Ryu-Ran" and "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon": If "Toon World" is returned to a player's hand, with cards such as "Giant Trunade" these Toon Monsters are not destroyed since "Toon World" was not destroyed.
  • [Re: Weapon Change] If "Weapon Change" is removed from the field by "Giant Trunade" or "Emergency Provisions", "Weapon Change"'s effect is not applied.
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