TCG Rulings

  • Both parts of the effect are performed at the same time.[1]
  • You can still activate “Fairy Wind” even if the only face-up Spell and Trap Cards on the field cannot be destroyed.[1]
  • You cannot activate “Fairy Wind” unless there is at least 1 other Spell and Trap Card on the field.[1]
  • Both players still take damage for each destroyed card even if some of the face-up Spell and Trap Cards are not destroyed.[1]
  • Both players take damage for all the cards destroyed, not just the ones they control.[1]

OCG Rulings

  • Destroying Spell/Trap Cards and inflicting damage are considered to happen simultaneously.[2]
  • "Fairy Wind" inflicts damage to both players equal to the total number of cards destroyed. It does not inflict damage to a player based on the number of that player's cards destroyed.[3]
    • Example: If "Fairy Wind" destroys five Spell/Trap Cards, then each player receives 1500 damage.[3]


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