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OCG Rulings

  • If one of the monsters sent to the Graveyard by the effect of your "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor" was sent to your Graveyard because it was owned by you and added to your opponent's hand by "Exchange", then the sent monster will be included in the damage inflicted.[1]

Mentions in Other Rulings

Previously Official Rulings

  • You cannot activate "Exchange" if you have no other card in your hand besides "Exchange".
  • The opponent is still considered the owner of the card you take by the effect of "Exchange" for all purposes.
  • If you take your opponent’s "Kuriboh" through the effect of "Exchange" you may discard it to activate its effect (but it is discarded to your opponent’s Graveyard).

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • D.D. Designator: If you have your opponent's card in your hand because of "Exchange", you can remove it from play if you name a card your opponent doesn't have in his hand.
  • D.D. Designator: If you activate "D.D. Designator" and your opponent has 2 copies of the same card in hand, you (the player who activated "D.D. Designator") select which of the 2 cards is removed from play (this can be important if your opponent holds your card because of "Exchange").
  • Magical Thorn: The effect of "Magical Thorn" is only applied when a card is discarded from your opponent's hand to your opponent's Graveyard. So if they have your card in your hand by the effect of "Exchange"...and they discard it, they do not take any damage from the effect of "Magical Thorn".
  • Trap Dustshoot: You can select your own card that was taken by your opponent with "Exchange". The card returns to the owner's deck (yours, in this case).


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