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  • If "Dark Simorgh" is on the field when your opponent Summons "Tsukuyomi", then its effect activates but resolves without effect. If "Dark Simorgh" is on the field when you Summon "Tsukuyomi", then its effect activates and is applied.[3]
  • Both players may activate "Major Riot" while "Dark Simorgh" is on the field. However, when resolving the effect, the opponent may not Set monsters. You may still Set monsters, as normal.[4]
  • "Dark Simorgh" will always be sent to the Graveyard by "Gozen Match". However, since it only has one Attribute while in the hand/Graveyard or while face-down on the field, it can be still be Normal/Special/Flip Summoned (however, it will be immediately be sent to the Graveyard).[12]


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