Previously Official Rulings

  • If all 5 of your Spell / Trap Card Zones are full during your End Phase of the turn "Dark Necrofear" was destroyed while a Monster Card, you cannot activate its effect, and the effect disappears.
  • If this card was discarded from your hand by an opponent's card effect, such as "Confiscation" it does not become an Equip Spell Card during the End Phase, since it was not destroyed.
  • If it is destroyed by your opponent's "Harpie's Feather Duster", "Dust Tornado", etc. while it is an Equip Spell Card, "Dark Necrofear" will NOT return during the End Phase since it was NOT destroyed while a Monster Card.
  • If your "Dark Necrofear" is destroyed on your opponent's side of the field, by either player's card effect, it will not activate during the End Phase. It must be on your side of the field and sent to your Graveyard when it is destroyed for its effect to activate.

Mentions in Other Rulings

  • Spell Canceller: When "Spell Canceller" is face-up on the field, you can activate the Graveyard effect of "Dark Necrofear" (because it is a monster effect) and equip it to a monster, but the effect of "Dark Necrofear" after it is equipped will be negated because it is then an Equip Spell Card.
  • Spirit Elimination: Any conditions set on the Monster Cards that would be removed from the Graveyard must still be fulfilled on the Monsters removed from your side of the field. For example, to Special Summon "Dark Necrofear" you must remove 3 Fiend-Type Monsters from your side of the field.

Out of Date

Mentions in Other Rulings


  1. 1.0 1.1 The latest print of "Dark Necrofear" has Problem-Solving Card Text that states that it can only activate its effect if it is destroyed as a Monster Card under its owner's control. Monsters about to be Summoned are not considered to be on the field, so the effect of "Dark Necrofear" will not activate if its Summon is negated.
  2. Version 8.0 of the official rulebook states that monsters treated as Equip Cards (except Union monsters equipped by their own effects) cannot have their equip target changed.
  3. The latest print of "A Deal with Dark Ruler" uses Problem-Solving Card Text, which indicates that the card must be a Level 8 monster both on the field and in the Graveyard in order to activate "A Deal with Dark Ruler".
  4. The latest print of "Necrovalley" has Problem-Solving Card Text which states that it negates the effects of cards that move cards in the Graveyard to other locations, regardless of whether or not they target.


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