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  • This card cannot be activated in the Damage Step. Also, Ultimate Offering works the same. (You cannot activate its effect that increases or decreases the number of the monsters as well)[5]
  • If this card Special Summons a monster during the Battle Phase, you can attack with the monster.[6][7]

On Chaining this Card

On Replays

  • If your monster attacks and you activate "Call of the Haunted", a replay does NOT occur since the number of monsters your opponent controls doesn't change.[11]

Versus Normal Summon Monsters

Versus Special Summon-only Monsters


In Other Rulings

  • If a monster that declared an attack is sent to the Graveyard, then it is no longer treated as a monster that declared an attack. Thus, if a monster attacks and is destroyed by "Mirror Force" and is then Special Summoned by "Call of the Haunted", then it can attack a second time.[20]

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  1. Konami Judge Program Rulings are considered unverified, as their source(s) are not publicly viewable. They are not confirmed as applicable to the TCG until they have been officially published by Konami.


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