TCG Rulings

  • Removing the Black Feather Counters is a cost.[1]
  • The effect to inflict damage targets 1 face-up monster. The damage inflicted is equal to the amount of ATK lost by the target monster.[1]
  • If Reverse Trap is activated, the ATK of Black-Winged Dragon will increase for each Black Feather Counter on it and an opponent’s monster targeted by the effect will have its ATK increased. No damage will be inflicted in that case.[1]
  • If multiple Ojama Tokens are destroyed at the same time, you’ll place a Black Feather Counter for each of them.[1]
  • If the monster targeted with the ATK reducing effect of Black-Winged Dragon is no longer face-up on the opponent’s side of the field when the effect resolves then the effect is not applied.[1]
  • The "damage equal to the ATK lost" is equal to the actual amount lost by the target monster. If a monster with 1900 ATK has its ATK reduced to 0, the damage is 1900, even if 3 or more Black Feather Counters were removed.[1]

Mentions in Other Rulings

OCG Rulings

  • The effect of "Black-Winged Dragon" which reduces ATK and inflicts damage targets one monster which is face-up on the opponent's side of the field.[2]
  • 「黒羽カウンター」 ("Black Feather Counter") is read as くろはねカウンター ("Kurohane Counter").[2]


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  2. The actual card name is "Against the Wind".


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