• In the Greek anime dub, the card's name is "Σλαϊφερ, ο ουρανιος δρακος".
  • In the Arabic anime dub, this card was referred to by seven names:
    • ّسليفر التنّين الفضائي = Sleifer the Space Dragon
    • ّسلايفر التنّين الفضائي = Slifer the Space Dragon
    • ّسلايفر التنّين السماوى = Slifer the Celestial Dragon
    • ّتنين الفضاء سلايفر = Space Dragon Slifer
    • التنّين المجنّح سلايفر = The Winged Dragon Slifer
    • سلايفر التنين الطائر = Slifer the Flying Dragon
    • سلايفر التنين المجنح = Slifer the Winged Dragon
  • In the Bulgarian anime dub, Slifer's name is "Небесният Дракон Слайфър".
  • In the Swedish dub of the anime, this card's name wasn't changed from its English name. However, directly translated it should have been "Himmeldraken Slifer".
  • The Spanish anime name of "Slifer" is "Slifer el Dragón Volador". "Slifer el Dragón Celestial" is the American Spanish one.
  • In the Japanese anime, the "Slifer the Sky Dragon" card text read 「SAINT DRAGON - THE GOD OF OSIRIS」 though dialogue would refer to it by its proper Japanese name, "Oshirisu no Tenkūryū" (Sky Dragon of Osiris).
  • In the German manga, this card's name is "Himmelsdrache des Osiris" ("Sky Dragon of Osiris").
  • In the French manga, the name of "Slifer" is "Le Dragon Volant d'Osiris"
  • In the Serbian anime dub,Slifer's name is "Небески Змај Слифер(Nebeski zmaj slifer)".
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